labs lisboa – rua adriano correia de oliveira, 4a – b2, 1600-312 lx

our work

we work on innovation, from creation to production.

we are craftsmen of knowledge fostering innovation, from sources, through processes, to results.


we are a spin-off from decades of R&D experience in projects on more than a few activity sectors.

we combine theory with praxis to build bridges between industry and new knowledge.


our tools include:

- scientific and analytic approaches
- custom methodologies from experience
- modelling & simulation
- control and decision systems
- pattern recognition
- machine learning


we have the practice of analysing problems and ecosystems, developing and implementing solutions, targeting process improvement, resource-efficiency and strategy.

we have coordinated large international projects in almost every line of business.


our projects cover a wide range of application areas:

- continuous and discrete manufacturing processes
- proactive maintenance
- efficient buildings
- sentiment analysis to support product re-design
- collaborative working environments
- knowledge enhancement

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we are pragmatic thinkers with large experience across multiple sectors of industry. We specialise in:

- finding solutions for known challenges and new opportunities

- fostering innovation within the organisation, by finding the most suitable people or resources for each challenge, improving work practices or identifying the best reaction to market results; and

- solving recurrent or complex problems requiring analysis, a systemic approach and knowledge in different scientific and technological subjects


we identify sources of knowledge within organisations - in people, machines and processes - and monitor their evolution, so they are all promptly available for use and combination in new situations.

we optimise the way companies work, providing guidance through change, so that innovation becomes a culture and a natural reaction to challenges. We use our own innovation methodology, combining a creative approach with the rigour and accountability of systems thinking.

we developed new products, rough and not-so-rough prototypes, custom-made methodologies, simulators, digital twins and prediction engines.


labs lisboa – rua adriano correia de oliveira, 4a – b2, 1600-312 lx